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Posted by darklocket on 2006.09.24 at 21:27
Beta Name: Darklocket (darklocket)
Beta's contact details:  Leave a comment here,  with your email address, and I'll get back to you, or leave a note on my livejournal.
Highest rating you will beta: R
Length of fics you would rather beta: Shorter pieces, say up to 3,000 words.
Genres you will beta: Romantic, erotic, plotty slash stories, mainly, nothing too fluffy or hard-core.
Please include whether you will beta general, het, slash or femmeslash. Gen and slash, mainly. It depends.
Any squicks: chan, bestiality, incest, heavy BDSM, M-preg, extreme violence.
Things (usually sexual acts) which you will not beta. I'm happier with mainstream romantic slash, rather than kink. I don't mind angst.
Any characters you won't beta: I'm more knowledgeable about some than others. My preferences are for Harry, Draco, Snape, Lupin and Sirius, Ron,  Hermione, in that order, I guess.
SHIPs you prefer to beta/won't beta:  I like Harry/Draco, most Snape ships, Snape/Black, rare pairs, gen.

About you:  I'm good at spelling, sentence construction/dialogue/formatting, etc, and my strengths are in editing and tightening things up.  I have a reasonable grasp of canon, depending on what characters you're dealing with, but I can be a little fuzzy about the details sometimes. :)

Basically, I'm good at seeing what's wrong with your writing, and coming up with a few suggestions to fix it, but I won't hold your hand if you're still on your first draft. Because of time constraints, I'd rather beta things that are 95% finished and just need a quick look-over and a second opinion,  and I need plenty of warning if there's a deadline coming up.


hanaheart at 2011-06-02 21:16 (UTC) (Link)
Would you be interested in beta-reading the HP fic, I'm writing it's implied Sirius/Lupin turned to Lupin/Snape and maybe Draco/Harry later on.... it contains Mpreg.
my email is miss_hm@yahoo.com
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