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Welcome to the Harry Potter Beta-Reader Exchange

Posted by fazkleto on 2006.09.21 at 13:56
Hi there, my name is Fazkleto. I'd like to welcome you to the Harry Potter Beta-Reader Exchange. All information about this group can be found here. If you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment on my livejournal or email fazkleto@yahoo.co.nz.

I developed this community specifically to put writers in touch with beta readers, and vice versa. I myself have had trouble finding a suitable beta reader through various sites and livejournal communities. I thought it might be useful if I developed a community myself. Not only can you place a form to offer to or seek a beta, you may also place draft chapters behind lj-cut on this community in order to receive constructive criticism on writing style, plot and characterisation. For more information, see the community profile.

The rules for this community are simple.
1. Anybody can join
2. All SHIPs/pairings and genres are welcome
3. No author, SHIP- or genre-bashing
4. Only constructive criticism is given, no one-line responses (in response to those posting a draft chapter on site)

I would like to start off by offering my services as a beta reader.

Offering: (Please put this in the subject heading of the post)

Beta Name: Fazkleto
Beta's contact details: fazkleto@yahoo.co.nz
Highest rating you will beta: NC-17
Length of fics you would rather beta: one shots, I may take on a WIP if you can convince me about the plot.
Genres you will beta: Anything except M-Preg. I'll beta het, slash and femmeslash, though I prefer slash.
Any squicks: M-Preg, Heavy BDSM (Cock and Ball torture (CBT), Internal Enslavement (IE), anything permenantly maiming (such as castration)), watersports and scat, blood-drinking.
Any characters you won't beta:
SHIPs you prefer to beta/won't beta:
I won't beta these SHIPs: Ginny/anyone, Harry/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks (unless its to explain why Tonks was so messed up during HBP (and not just because she was in wuv))
About you:
I'm good with spelling and grammar, and have experience writing original fiction.


maraudersaffair at 2006-09-22 00:46 (UTC) (Link)
I was so happy when I came across this community! I've been looking for a beta for the past couple of weeks on prefect imagination and everyone has turned me down.

I was kind of let down to see that there was only four members - but I can see its a new community. I hope it's successful! :]

Well, I guess I will ask you to be my beta. :D

My fic details: ( My automatic request after so many turn downs)

* Marauders Era, Regulus' POV, Angst, Slash, Sexual situations Pg-13 to R, slightly incest - you will have to really think about it to pick up on it*

*Due on October 2, 2006*

Regulus and Sirius walk the streets of muggle London for a night. They meet two OC characters, one female and one male, in a cafe and see an old movie, Citizen Kane, together. Regulus suffers from severe jealousy involving Sirius and is also confused about his sexuality.

The first few paragraphs:

Regulus hated him more than anyone else, more than his mother and pompous fucked father, or that little nitwit who thought he was better than Regulus at Quidditch. His hatred was more than just some dumb House rivalry. It was a war, a battle between brother and brother, between fake and real, because that was what Sirius was - fake, an act with nothing but cold stage in front of him. Regulus knew it, but did anyone else? No, of course - not in a million years would they think their precious hero, their gallant star was just another dirty coward. Even the Gryffindor colors around Sirius’ neck hadn’t tainted his perfection.

He watched his brother from across the dinner table with a bit of chewed carrot still on his tongue. Regulus moved the left-over food to the roof of his mouth, his gums dry and sticky, his swallowing silent. Sirius ate his supper like some sort of dog, his mouth open, his lips smacking. He stretched his long legs under the table, the tips of his school shoes bumping into Regulus’ shin. Pain prickled up Regulus’ leg, and it made him scowl because he knew there would be bruise in the morning.

Their mother stalked into the dreary kitchen like one of those Army Generals Regulus had heard about. Her presence was enough to send any House Elf scurrying away in fear, especially with her features so stern, her back so straight and sturdy. Her beady eyes skimmed over the table, and she smiled faintly. Regulus couldn’t see if she was smiling at Sirius or him, but he suspected it was at Sirius, only secretively, because to everyone around she was still mad at him for becoming Gryffindor scum.

I really want to show a somewhat platonic relationship between Sirius and Regulus, with Regulus having jealousy and identity issues.

I hope the time limit is not a problem. :]

I hope I hear from you soon.

fazkleto at 2006-09-22 01:35 (UTC) (Link)
Hi there, your story sounds excellent so far. Feel free to email me the entire story if you want me to beta read it completely.
email is fazkleto@yahoo.co.nz
maraudersaffair at 2006-09-23 03:01 (UTC) (Link)
Ok, great! I'll email it soon. :]

Thank you so much!
plotbunniofdoom at 2007-06-05 22:03 (UTC) (Link)

I'm pretty new to this and wondered if you would be able to beta my one shot.

It's Harry/Ron and is NC-17 I guess.

It's called Welcome Home and takes place after the last book at Grimauld Place when Ron goes round to see how Harry is after getting out of St Mungo's.

Nice to see a comunity like this. I hope it takes off! :-)

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