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The Harry Potter Beta-Reader Exchange
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Welcome to the Harry Potter Beta-Reader Exchange.

The aim of this community is to connect Harry Potter fanfiction writers with beta-readers. Anybody who is interested can join, however I would like to ask those that join to beta for someone else at least once in their time here and not just rely on the community to supply a beta. This will helpfully cut down the problem of too many authors, not enough betas. However, in saying that, I know that some writers barely have time for their own writing, let alone anybody elses, so this rule will not be enforced, it's just a nice idea.

All SHIPs are welcome here, SHIP-bashing is not. Discussion of SHIPs should be made on personal journal pages, not here. However, it is the beta-reader's prerogative to state which SHIP/s and genre/s they prefer to beta or will not beta, and to decline work that they do not want for whatever reason.

In addition to using the forms below to find a beta, authors can post a chapter of their story on the community behind lj-cut if they want basic comments on writing style, plot and characterisation. Please provide constructive criticism only. No one-liners, no abuse.

Other Important Information, especially for those unfamiliar with fandom terms

SHIPs are specific pairings of characters in romantic or sexual relationships. These include canonical pairings such as Ginny/Harry or Lupin/Tonks (ie the ones from the books) and non-canonical pairings like Harry/Snape, Snupin, Harry/Hermione and as many others as the imagination can invent.

Genre refers to what style of plot your story is. Say you went to a video store. Where would your fic fit? Action? Adventure? Romance? etc. Genre in fandom can also refer to whether your story is a General fic with no SHIPs (known as Gen), a story with a main heterosexual SHIP (known as Het), a story with a gay SHIP (known as Slash) or a story with a lesbian ship (know as femslash or femmeslash). This needs to be stated in your beta request or offer, as listed below.

Squicks refer to actions or things in fanfic that others might find disturbing or disgusting. These can mean sexual acts such as BDSM, cross-dressing and watersports, or discussion of self-harm, self-mutilation and suicide, graphic descriptions of violence, especially torture and character deaths, and sexual assault, non-consent (known as non-con), sexual abuse or 'ambiguous consent' etc. Squicks need to be included in the warning section of the 'seeking' or 'offering' forms.

Forms for those Seeking a Beta or Offering to Beta

In order to find a Beta Reader or to offer your services as a Beta, please select the following form/s and cut'n'paste them into a post on the community. For those seeking a beta, please use a separate form per request (it's ok to have them all on one post, just use a different form per fanfic)

Form for those Seeking a Beta

Seeking (In the subject heading)

Author's Name:
Author's email or contact details:
Rating of the fic:
Ratings are G, PG, R-13, R, and NC-17.
Any warnings about the content of the fic:
Please warn for character deaths, suicide/or attempt, gen/slash/het/femmeslash, and anything else that may 'squick' others (BDSM, watersports, pain play, crossdressing etc)
Estimated length of fic:
Please also state whether this is a chaptered story or a one shot
e.g angst, drama, thriller, adventure, PWP (Porn without plot), general, horror, dark fic, fluff, slash, femmeslash, het etc (can be more than one)
A quick summary of the plot:
Anything else the beta-reader may need to know:
What are you looking for in a beta? Do you need help in a particular area? Is English your second language? etc

Form for those Offering to Beta

Offering: (Please put this in the subject heading of the post)

Beta Name:
Beta's contact details:
Highest rating you will beta:
G, PG, R-13, R, or NC-17.
Length of fics you would rather beta:
Genres you will beta:
Please include whether you will beta general, het, slash or femmeslash.
Any squicks:
Things (usually sexual acts) which you will not beta.
Any characters you won't beta:
SHIPs you prefer to beta/won't beta:

About you:
What are your strengths and weaknesses as a beta reader?

Requests can be replied to in the comment section or emailed to seeker/offerer's email address, as supplied in contact details.